Sustainability in the Shop

Since I run a business that is dependent on a natural product existing, and I personally enjoy the beauty of said natural product, it's important for me to preserve it as best as I can.  

Last month I held a survey over social media to see what way people would prefer I give back, the results were pretty lopsided with people preferring a donation for every purchase to plant one pioneer species tree through the U.S. Forest Service.

but I didn't want to stop there as I think there are many things that can be done to make my shop and the woodworking industry more sustainable, so here is a list of things I'm doing to make my work as sustainable as possible:

  1. The vast majority of my work is made from recycled/upcycled/reclaimed/salvage/etc. wood, this means no new trees cut down
  2. I plant one tree for every purchase made, ensuring that more trees are planted than harvested for my work (I doubt the original harvesters planted to offset the wood I reclaim/salvage) 
  3. I added LED lights and insulation the shop to reduce energy costs for operation. 
  4. Sawdust is collected and used for mixing into soil (if you are interested in getting some for your soil let me know)
  5. I'll be donating to preserve 1 acre of rainforest every quarter, this protecting old-growth timber from destruction in addition to replacing used lumber. 
  6. I avoid excess or wasteful use of vulnerable species of wood. 
  7.  Much of my packaging material is shavings from different projects done with handtools. If you'd like some, let me know and I'll be happy to give you some depending on availability.

These are just my starting point and I intend to do more things as I grow and expand, but would love feedback on your ideas for things I can do to be more sustainable!

Thanks for checking in! -Matt