The Man We(I) Want to Be

The other night I went to Home Depot to pick up some heavy duty concrete anchors for my new lumber rack and some organizational pieces for the new shop.


At checkout the concrete anchors were placed in the bag by the cashier without being rung up. I immediately noticed and as they were only the third item of about 30 small things to be rung up I had plenty of time for my thoughts to run rampant.

My first thought was "Free stuff, Yay! !" Quickly followed by, "if I notice before I get to the car I have to say something though, right?" Followed by "nah, it's their fault their cashiers can't even ring things up properly" (with more than a hint of my typical superiority complex). 

I then just took a pause for a moment. In that time I felt convicted, but wrestled with what I knew I needed to do because, let's be honest, $10 in free concrete anchors is about the coolest thing that can happen to a man next to getting married and becoming a dad!

Eventually after much internal huffing and puffing I pointed out the error to the cashier and she was quite taken aback by my honesty and I began to revel in the awesomeness of my honesty (can you tell how humble and meek I am yet?) 

Despite the majority of this interaction taking place in the store, the real kickers came when I was in the car headed away.  

I was sad. 

Why has it taken so long for me to do the right thing? 

Why was I so compelled to set aside my morals for $10 plus tax? 

My father taught me right and wrong, why didn't I just do it? 

I know how my wife's father would have acted, the anchors wouldn't have even made it into the bag before he pointed it out, why wasn't that my response? 

and the biggest kicker of all: 

What kind of man do I want to be to my son? 

What kind of man do you want to be? What kind of men do you want to be in the world? Men and boys look up to other men, so if you want to see men in this world of upstanding character you need to start being one. Stop compromising, stop bending the rules of your morality for $10 plus tax. 

Start showing your sons how to be men of upstanding faith and character. Make the right choice, don't hesitate, when you do, be open about it, own it! (Note to self: be humble in it) .

Make choices today, so that you can be the man you want to be tomorrow! 


Today I went to Rockler, a woodworking supply store, and picked up a couple of things for the shop they had on sale and a couple of pieces of wood including some curly koa, Bolivian rosewood and some zebrawood.

When I got home I realized the zebrawood hadn't been rung up. I had a fleeting moment of my heart sinking because I knew what I had to do since I had just written this blog post two days prior, but that quickly turned to seeing it as an opportunity to make a choice hat would help me grow into the man I want to be and give me some practice making these kinds of decisions before my son is old enough to see me make the wrong decision! 

The guy who received the phone call was a bit astonished that I would just call and give him my credit card info to charge for nothing, and was appreciative enough that he gave me a very steep discount, which I appreciated as well.  

It was a tough decision that cost me immediately, but I have a feeling I'll see the ROI very soon! Cheers!