Safety in the shop

I've only had one major accident in the woodshop since I started doing this, but I've had several close calls, mostly from not employing safety measures that could have easily prevented these close calls. 

My one accident stemmed from me working in the shop long after I was tired. I dragged the knuckle of my index finger across the top of the jointer. There was lots of spurting blood, and it hurt fiercely. My wife was able to inspect it and stitch it for me (she is a physician). Alas, I must have nicked the tendon, because a year later, this (the bloody photos are at the end so you can choose to look or not):

This is as straight as I can make my finger!

This is as straight as I can make my finger!

Its a bit crooked this way as well.

Its a bit crooked this way as well.

This is the scaring left from the jointer blade.

This is the scaring left from the jointer blade.


It doesn't hurt and it doesn't affect my use of it, but it's a permanent sign of my stupidity.  As a result, I'm extremely safety conscious now and thought I'd share with you my shop safety measures! I've included links to some of the products so you can see them or order the same stuff I use if you like!

1. A jet air filtration system keeps the dust down!

2. I hang a pair of safety glasses on each piece of major equipment and always use them.

3. At the entrance to my shop are headphones, and disposable ear plugs for guests, I always use ear protection with any power tools.

4. I have a refillable fire extinguisher at the center of my shop.

5. I use microjig grrippers for the table saw and microjig paddles for the jointer.

6.  I have a Sawstop 3.0 horsepower PCS table saw, expensive, but it's a high quality saw and worth the peace of mind.

7. I ALWAYS have a riving knife in the table saw!

8. I use a mirka deros and festool ct48 dust extractor to ensure dust free sanding. This is something most woodworkers neglect, but long term exposure to dust is extremely hazardous! (I also use a dust deputy separator before the dust extractor for big chips, but not when sanding- the Eagle PET container is much better than the cardboard drums and low-cost as well).

9. I never wear gloves when operating saws, routers, etc. that can pull your hand in if they catch the gloves. 

10. I use a razor blade dispenser with a disposal compartment (this is safety for the garbage men) .

11. I excessively use clamps to hold material tight.

12. If I wear long sleeves, I only use those with elastic on the wrists.

13. I never work with power tools while drowsy! That's what caused my injury!




!!!!WARNING: Graphic Images!!!