Sexism in the Tool Industry

If you've ever been to my shop you'll notice that I have many brands of tools, but there a few that are predominant. In the cordless category I mostly have Makita tools but have nearly every brand except for Ridgid.

I was looking yesterday for information about a new Makita tool when I came across a video from Makita introducing the 2016 Señorita Makita and Miss Makita. The video was a pointless series of questions that the women didn't even answer correctly while wearing some insanely tight spandex pants and with flannel shirts rolled up like a cheerleader outfit of some kind.


Several years ago my friend Ron Dawson wrote a blog about brands and their objectification of women in advertising, specifically Godaddy as a domain registrar. I have since moved all my domains off Godaddy for this reason.

I didn't have any ridgid tools anyways as I was always underwhelmed at their performance competed to stated claims (they are fine tools if they do what you need, they just overstate their stats), but last year I found out that ridgid publishes a swimsuit calendar every year that isn't publicized because of the criticism they receive but is available for those who know about and want it. The fact that they know people don't want them doing it and yet they continue to publish it, just under the radar is another mark against the brand for me, so I will not purchase ridgid tools in the future for this reason.

This puts me in a tough place with my large investment in Makita tools and their asinine objectification of women. I don't want to drop the big bucks to switch to Milwaukee, and I chose the Makita tools I did because I believe their version of a particular tool to be superior to the Milwaukee, but at the same time I am frustrated to be giving my money to a brand that engages in said behavior.

I'd love to get your feedback/thoughts on the topic, thanks, Matt