Conservation 2016

This is a little late, but I want to share what we accomplished for conservation in 2016! If you were not aware, I donate a portion of each purchase to conservation and this year I chose to give through Rain Forest Trust. I chose them because their administrative costs are funded by private donors allowing our contribution to go 100% to protecting land, trees, and endangered wildlife! Also, they are rated 4 stars (the highest) by Charity Navigator and are well regarded among the multitudes of conservation organizations.

They allow you to chose specifically which project you want your donation to go to, and I chose to help protect land in Papua New Guinea for several reasons!

  1. this gave the greatest acreage impact per dollar given at the time
  2. the program was in partnership with heavily invested local community organizations
  3. much of the land being protected was still virgin old growth
  4. the endangered Tree Kangaroos there are just so cute!

Amazingly we were able to financially provide for the procurement of 120 acres!!!!! Even more exciting, there was a matching donor at the time who donated to triple that amount, bringing the total land purchased to 360 acres!!! 

Here is the certificate of thanks from The Rain Forest Trust:

Feel free to print and save this to remember your part in this!

I cannot thank you enough for your willingness to support my work and my efforts in conservation! I hope to do more every year and find amazing local and global organizations to support to make as large of an impact as possible as a way of remembering the amazing and beautiful resource trees are, both for woodworking, but also for the environment and for our happiness in enjoying their shade and beauty!

I welcome any suggestions for future organizations that you have an interest in supporting for this next year's conservation efforts in the comments below!