First Women's Whiskey and Wood

This past Saturday marked the first ever Women's Whiskey and Wood and it was quite impressive! Ive hosted many Men's Whiskey and Wood nights, but because of my wife's schedule and wanting to honor her by not spending a night drinking with a shop full of women, the shop hadn't had one until now, when my wife was able to host!

I was thoroughly impressed with these women, they came to WORK! It was a small group, but they dominated the shop! Yen completed 90% of a through mortise and tenon live edge bench:

Yen using a router to cut out a through mortise.

And Kayleigh made these stave card holders for rummy:

Kayleigh's whiskey barrel card holders.

Elizabeth made a cool wine barrel stave wine rack that had somewhat of a Greene and Greene /Asian theme to it, and there were some cool children's toys made as well! The women showed up the men that come regularly and i was most impressed by their desire and willingness to learn and their readiness to work with and learn some of the more intimidating tools in the shop! I look forward to hosting more Women's whiskey and wood nights with my wife, I had a wonderful time!

Working in the shop full steam ahead! The shop dogs even had joined in the fun.

I hope you'll consider joining us for a Whiskey and Wood night in the future, a men's a women's or one of our new couples nights we will be announcing soon!

-Sincerely, Matt and Jodi