whiskey barrel

The Whiskey Barrel Longboard

My friend Briley asked me to make a longboard for him from my whiskey barrels. Never one to turn down a challenge (whiskey barrels are curved in three planes) I agreed to do it.

I got these barrels from a local brewery who made a whiskey-aged beer in them and then sells them off. Originally, these were used for a local distillery to make some nice and spicy whiskey!

I chose three staves from the older barrel, and included the original bung hole (the fill hole in a whiskey or wine barrel)

Glued them up into one piece using biscuit joints (may try dowels on the next one, but its tough to get them to align).

Cut out the rough shape and gave it a little stand on to test it

Used a spokeshave and a router to do all the finish shaping

I made a jig for the truck mounts, this was harder than I thought it would be, and I broke my router in the process, but got it back up and running shortly thereafter.

I used a template bushing and a straight bit to cut out the spaces level for the trucks:

Then I burned in some logos, hidden under the trucks, on the bung hole, and on the top of the deck!

Then, because its so cold here in Colorado this week, I took it inside the house to put some coats of waterproofing, UV resistant spar-varnish!

Then I mounted the trucks and clear "Punked" wheels and Ritalin abec 7 bearings!

Briley and his Beautiful wife Natalie then went out for a cruise and took these fun and awesome photos outside of Atlanta's Ponce City Market along the Beltline!