I grew up in the home of a woodworker, but I didn't appreciate it until recently. For the past few years, I've worked a job with a mix of highly adventurous international travel to remote locations and highly boring office work. Recently, with the birth of my son, Lawson, I've become interested in using my hands more and learning to be a better man, husband and father as my faith calls me to be.

In order to allow my wife to follow her dreams in the medical field, I'll be a stay at home dad, an opportunity that is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Woodworking allows me time to reflect, pray, and develop disciplines I should have years ago. This is my journey of learning what God has for men in the Kingdom, learning to use the gifts God has given me to steward, sharing my experiences with others, and having fun along the way.

Every product I make, I make just for you, filled with love and joy, and sometimes whiskey!

P.S. I also love biking, coffee, food (really just desserts), photography (I take all the photos on the site) and everything outdoors.

If you want to stay connected, and please do (this is about learning and growing in community), you can follow the posts in the blog, signup for the newsletter, and follow my work on Instagram and Facebook!

-Matt Turner

Here's my shop dog: Apollo, Gabby doesn't like the shop, it scares her.